If you don't have a ticket to this weekend's Taylor Swift concerts at MetLife Stadium, you will not be allowed in the parking lots at the stadium, according to social media blasts put out by the stadium Wednesday night.

"For the safety and enjoyment of all those who have tickets to these shows, we strongly encourage those without tickets not to come to MetLife Stadium on show days. Event tickets corresponding to that evening's concert are required to access the parking lots. Our parking lots will be at maximum capacity. Additional unauthorized crowds create traffic and gridlock for everyone. Thank you for your cooperation"

My daughters went to two Taylor Swift concerts in Philadelphia.

Friday night, they watched the show inside Lincoln Financial Field. Saturday night, they stood outside with thousands of other Swifties, listening and dancing along having the time of their lives "tay-gating" or Taylor-gating", as they call it.

I've heard it's a Taylor Swift fan thing. Something that happens at all Taylor Swift concerts, since tickets to the shows are really expensive and so hard to get.

Taylor-gating reminds me of old 1980s Grateful Dead concerts, where dedicated Dead-heads would follow the band from show to show. Only these tay-gating fans tend to be teenage girls from what I've seen.

Would it be such a bad thing to set up an area where these fans could hang out and listen to the show the way they did outside Lincoln Financial Field?

What security will do with the truly obsessed Taylor fans who show up at MetLife Stadium anyway is not clear, but, they will show up, so we're going to find out this weekend.

So, I have to ask. Which is the cooler concert environment? The Linc or MetLife?

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