This is the time of year when things can get mundane in New Jersey.  The weather isn't the greatest, football season is over and you're looking for something fun to do.

The American Dream Mall has the first-of-its-kind 7-D theater experience that may be one of the coolest things to do in New Jersey.

It's called Blast 7-D, it's the first in the world, and it's awesome.

What is Blast 7-D

Blast 7-D is described as,

Taking everything you ever knew about 3D experiences we add acceleration, motion, wind and competitive play! We’ve created a one-of-a-kind motion ride that is the perfect combination of hyper-realistic and immersive video game, the thrill and sensation of a roller coaster, and the competitive play where you are trying to beat your friends and family to get the high score.

Participants choose between several scenarios.  They are given special 7-D glasses to wear, and then buckle up for a wild experience.  This is no kid's ride/game.

The seats move at 400 motions per second.  You'll feel as though you're flying, falling, and crashing with 2 G's of force without moving an inch.  The wind and lighting effects, make it all feel real.

Oh, and did I mention the blaster each participant gets?  You'll need it to shoot down the villains coming at you.

Blast 7-D Tickets Are Available Online

They offer six different scenarios for you to choose from and they offer several packages that allow you to check each multiple scenarios.

Tickets start at 15 bucks and are discounted depending on the package you choose.  It's advisable to purchase your tickets online.

You'll find Blast on the first floor next to Angry Bird mini golf.  You'll want to park on deck A or B.

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