Academy Award-nominee Bradley Cooper, who grew up just outside Philadelphia, reportedly returned to the City of Brotherly love to attend his high school reunion.

How do you compete with THAT? When Bradley Cooper is the most famous person from your high school, it's gotta be hard to hit up a reunion with classmates and bring an update better than being an Oscar-nominated, A-list, Hollywood actor and director, lol.


Brad and I have something in common. We're both Class of 1993. And although I had a BLAST at my recent 30th high school reunion, I'm betting his was a bit more exciting based on his presence alone.

Germantown Academy hosted its gathering at Philly's Chestnut Hill Brewery over Thanksgiving weekend, FOX 29 Philly reports.

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Cooper, a Montgomery County, Pennsylvania native, even wore a 'Hi, my name is...' tag. Like anyone needed THAT! Lol.

I'd like to think Bradley is just a humble guy who's never forgotten where he came from, but who could blame him for wanting to show up at his reunion to shove his success in the faces of naysayer classmates from yesteryear, lol.

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I do think it's cool he showed up, even for just a round of beer or two. Hmm, I wonder if he treated his class to a rendition of 'Shallow' from A Star is Born.


See Brad at his Class of '93 reunion below!

Of course, Brad had other business in Philly over the weekend. He joined Philadelphia Eagles owner Jeffrey Lurie in a suite at Lincoln Financial Field Sunday afternoon to watch the birds beat the Buffalo Bills.

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