Trains are being delayed at a station in New Jersey because an actual bull is running loose on the tracks.

I couldn't make up a story like this if I tried. And the jokes about it just write themselves.

Somehow, someway, a bull ended up on the tracks of Newark's Penn Station.


The animal was seen running, hiding, posing for cameras of riders and station personnel who couldn't believe their eyes.

Who knew you'd not have to jet off to Pamplona, Spain to see the running of the bulls! Or, at least, ONE bull. But there he is on Location F, Track 3 at Penn Station in Newark in the freezing cold just trotting along, as you can see in video posted by thegardenstate/Instagram.

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Commuters are being warned to expect delays as authorities try to get a handle on the situation...and the bull's horns.

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ABC News cleverly offered the advice to 'steer clear' of the animal.




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