We don't travel well.

Yes, you and me, the people of New Jersey.

We're inefficient travelers.

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Stairs with jet engine on a private airplane - Bombardier

New Jersey people are slowing down the traveling process

USA Today did a study and found that the people of New Jersey are the 8th most inefficient air travelers in the country. That is, we're ruining it for everyone else.

(Do we care? Nope!)

The study finds that New Jersey is ranked fourth when it comes to struggling with carry-on luggage and eighth for easily getting off a place once it lands.

Young man collecting his luggage

Study finds other things we're doing wrong

You know when you're waiting for your luggage in baggage claim and everyone's crowding around the carousel? The study says 59% of us admit to standing too close to the carousel.

It's all about me! Well, us!

The study found that 30% of New Jerseyans have to be reminded by TSA to take their shoes and belts off.

Apparently, we aren't good at listening, remembering, and following instructions.

Wait, there's more!

Walks to destination
Iam Anupong

29% of us struggle to get our luggage to fit in the overhead compartments.

24% of us have accidentally gone through the TSA scanner with items like jewelry, keys, phones, and such.

The bottom line is: we suck at airplane travel.

Maybe it's not so much as the airlines that are delaying the travel - maybe it's us!

The thing is: Why fly anywhere? Everything you could ever want is right here in the Garden State. Right?


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