Into collecting bobblehead dolls? You can now own one that pays homage to the myth of the Jersey Devil.

The Legend of the Jersey Devil

I don't believe in ghosts or much of anything I've heard or seen about paranormal activity. But mention the Jersey Devil to me and I get shivers all over.

The legend of the Jersey Devil, be it of the urban variety or not, is of a creature with a horse or goat-like head topped by horns, wings, hooves, short arms with claw hands, a pitchfork for a tale, and blood curdling scream. It taunts those who dare to enter the Pine Barrens Forest.

Jersey Devil

Thanks to the Jersey Devil, I was afraid to go into the woods LONG before there ever was a Blair Witch Project.

Sure, there are already New Jersey Devils bobbleheads in honor of the HOCKEY TEAM, but I've never seen an actual Jersey Devil creature bobblehead.

NJ Devils Hockey Team Mascot Bobblehead

But if you've got space on your mantlepiece and are super into folklore, you can own a bobblehead of the mythical creature rumored to haunt NJ's Pine Barrens.

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The figure is part of the National Bobblehead Hall of Fame and Museum's Cryptid series, which also includes Bigfoot, Chupacabra, Goatman, Jackalope, Loch Ness Monster, Mothman, and Yeti.

What is a Cryptid?

Cryptids are 'animals that cryptozoologists believe may exist somewhere in the wild, but whose present existence is disputed or unsubstantiated by science', according to a definition on Wikipedia.

Chris Rogers/Thinkstock

This bobblehead is kind of weird. It makes the Jersey Devil look more like a dinosaur than a woodland creature, which actually frightens me MORE because whoever designed the figure has made the Jersey Devil look like something that actually could have existed.

Jersey Devil Cryptid Bobblehead

The Jersey Devil bobblehead is 8" tall and costs $30. Pre-orders are being accepted now and the creature is set to hit the road for delivery in April.

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