If you've heard one insult about the Garden State, you've heard them all. How many times can we as New Jersey residents hear about how bad New Jersey sucks before we just don't ever want to entertain the stereotypes ever again?

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It turns out, we're haven't heard the end of it. We won't anytime soon, either.

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People Really Hate New Jersey

A new survey sheds light on just how much the Garden State is loathed by almost everybody in the United States. When I say everybody, I'm not exaggerating either.

As it stands, there is only one other state that America as a whole hates more than they do New Jersey.

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Americans Aren't Fans Of Illinois, Either

According to the survey published by the folks at Zippia.com, people are, for whatever reason, sickened by the state of Illinois even more than they are of the Garden State. Illinois was named the number one most hated state in America. New Jersey came in at number two. I guess that's good news for New Jersey, but never in a million years would anybody have guessed that the place hated more than the "armpit of America" would be one of the most prominent states in the midwest.

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New Jersey Is Loud

So, what's the real reason for all the hate towards the Garden State? Turns out, there are a few. For one, everything is so expensive in New Jersey. That'd be fine if people could get a decent bang for their buck. We all know that's not the case. Many people also admit that the residents aren't the easiest to get along with.

Outgoing, loud, brash; those are only some of the adjectives used to describe New Jersey residents. Apparently, we tend to get under people's skin.

Sorry to burst the rest of the country's bubble. While it's true that most of us residing here in the Garden State will quickly admit that everything is overpriced, good luck getting us to quiet down. That'll never happen.

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