Are you a dad? You may not nail giving the perfect gift on Mother's Day, but when it comes to the spoken word there's one phrase you should definitely avoid uttering to your baby mama.

Men, even though you may be half responsible for bringing the light of your significant other's life into the world, you CAN actually say the wrong thing on Mother's Day.

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When asked by the team at BabyCenter (a resource devoted to everything moms and kids) about the worst Mother's Day gifts they've ever received, women gave some mind-boggling responses, such as 'a screen door', others were more upset at not getting a gift at all from their spouse AND the pitiful excuses they gave.

NJ Dads! Avoid Speaking This Phrase to the Mom of Your Kids

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Molly in California confessed to that the worst gift she ever got on Mother's Day, and I use the word 'gift' super loosely, was her baby daddy saying, 'Well, you're not MY mother.'

No, he didn't?! NOOOOO, just NOOOO. But, apparently, yes he did.


I'm no Paul McCartney but I think I am speaking words of wisdom here when I say DO NOT under any circumstances use 'Well, you're not MY mother' as an excuse for not getting the mother of your kid/kids a gift for Mother's Day.

Did she make you a dad? Bear the fruit of your loins? LOL. Then she deserves to be celebrated and appreciated on Mother's Day, not just the woman who gave birth to you.

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You're welcome! Lol.

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