As holiday shopping really gets underway in the Garden State, we're looking into spending and gift giving habits this year.

I'm gonna be honest, I'm a little low on funds heading into this holiday season. Everything these days, from groceries to gas, is just so expensive. Life, am I right?

Perhaps that circumstance is the reason why Black Friday shopping was reported up by 7.5% this year compared to 2022, according to CNBC. Shoppers need to score deals!


Still, I'm putting together a little money here and there to treat my family and friends this Christmas.

Curious how much the average New Jersey shopper plans to spend on gifts this holiday season?

Top view of woman hands with gift box on wooden table.

I can tell you this, according to new research, New Jersey is a hair above the national average for how much we intend to shell out for presents.

According to the team at BetOhio, 21 percent of Americans look to spend between $500-$1000 this year.

Here in New Jersey, 25 percent of shoppers will spend that same amount, roughly $500-1000.


I'll likely be in the 30 percent that spend between $250-500. And I'll definitely be getting creative with arts and crafts, lol.

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Is the data on par with how much YOU plan to spend this Christmas?

FYI, 3 percent of Americans polled by BetOhio say they don't intend to buy any gifts at all this year.

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