A date night at the Jersey Shore didn't go as planned for former Philadelphia Eagle Jason Kelce and his wife Kylie after they were ambushed and harassed by an overzealous fan. Naturally, savage fan reactions have followed. See what supporters of the couple had to say.

At first, it was mistakenly reported that incident took place in Sea Isle City, NJ, where the couple owns a home.

Jason and Kylie Kelce
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In actuality, Jason and Kylie were reportedly on their way to dine at Steve & Cookies restaurant in Margate, New Jersey when they were spotted by a woman who attempted to get their attention.

Overzealous Fan Ambushes, Harasses Kylie Kelce During Margate, NJ Date Night

Reportedly, the woman had banged on the window of the couple's car, and when they got out and refused to grant her photo request, she turned nasty and an altercation ensued.

The woman can be overheard telling The Kelce's she doesn't care who they are that she'll make sure they never walk in Margate again. Kylie was quick to defend herself while Jason looked on, telling the harasser she's embarrassing herself. Watch the incident for yourself below.

WATCH: Entitled Fan Berates Kylie Kelce at Jersey Shore

The negative attention prompted Margate's Mayor to apologize on behalf of the overzealous woman and invited Jason and Kylie back to the shore town to be treated to a do-over of their date night gone wrong, 6abc.com reports.

Fans of the couple did not hold back in vilifying the unhinged fan for her bad behavior, commending Kylie and Jason for maintaining their composure.

The reactions on social media were swift and entertaining. Check out 13 of our favorites below.

13 Savage Fan Reactions to Kylie Kelce Getting Harassed in Margate, NJ

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On a more positive note, Jason's former teammate Dallas Goedert just moved into a gorgeous mansion in South Jersey. Check it out below.

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