There are certain crimes that take place that have you shaking you're head and wondering, 'Why?' This is one of them.

Like, what goes through some people's minds sometimes?

That's what I thought when I saw that a few thieves stole a totally random item from Tailgaters Sports Bar & Grille on White Horse Pike in Galloway.

I'm not saying what was recently stolen from Tailgaters is worthless, it just doesn't seem worthy enough to BE stolen.

No theft is justified, but money, a car, a purse...those are things you can understand.

A smoke stand from outside a restaurant? Um...

Tailgaters Ari/Facebook
Tailgaters Ari/Facebook

But that's what was lifted from outside Tailgaters, and the establishment's owner thought nothing of calling out the thieves on social media.

What's worse, is the post insinuates these thieves TOOK the smoke stand, but failed to leave a tip for their server.

In still shots from surveillance video, the man and woman who left with the smoke stand appear to be exiting the restaurant with take-out containers. The man appears to be dark skinned, wearing dark-colored jeans, a dark-colored hat, and a yellow t-shirt covered in graphic design.

The woman he was being accompanied by was wearing a white t-shirt with the words 'roll on' written on the front, and dark-colored shorts.

They fled in a silver or metallic-colored sedan.

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If you know who stole from Tailgaters in Galloway, reach out to the staff.

**It's important to note that the persons in question have not yet been charged with any crime, that we know of, and are innocent until proven guilty.

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