Y'all know what time it is. It's seagull season at the Jersey Shore and these birds have been waiting all winter for you, lol. Check out this brave dude posing as a seagull on the beach and nailing the squawking bird 'tude.

They're coming for your beach days and your food! If you listen close you can ALMOST hear them, lol.


Do you know I once had a seagull steal a funnel cake I waiting in line half an hour for on the Ocean City Boardwalk? I was just about to take my first bite and that little rascal swooped in and flew away with it. I've also been pooped on by a seagull on more than one occasion. Yuck.

TikTok-er Poses as a Seagull, Totally Nails Jersey Shore Bird's Attitude

This 'seagull' says he low-key didn't even fly south for the winter, he just hung out at a Wawa a couple blocks away, lol. That tracks.

My feathers off to saybeast on TikTok who donned an actual seagull costume to make a video that's made for the funniest kickoff to summer I've ever seen, mostly because his bird attitude 100 percent tracks. There are no lies told in this clip below.

@saybeast Ima take yer samwich yo #fyp #foryou #comedy #funny #lol #watch #share #jersey #philly #pa #newjersey #northeast ♬ original sound - saybeast

He advises beach visitors to make their peanut butter and jelly sandwiches at the condo before you get to the beach if you want to avoid a flock of seagulls invading your space and making off with your snacks.

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I dare you not to pee yourself laughing watching this video.

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