While in Wildwood for the Barefoot Country Music Fest 2024, I realized some terrific things about Wildwood - some things I never knew, and some I did know, I just needed a reminder.

Memorial Day Weekend Marks Start Of Beach Season On East Coast
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Wildwood's beach and boardwalk are tremendous

From the early morning walkers, joggers, and bikers, to the families filling the boards during the day and evening, the Wildwood board walk is a happening place!

Family friendly, and a mix of locals and visitors. The shops, stores, and attractions are all friendly and fun.

The beaches - well, you know!

Not only a great place to swim and sunbathe, the beaches allow for room for events almost year `round. Events like the Barefoot Country Music Fest of course!


One legend has been working on the boardwalk for over 70 years

We found a guy at Bobby Dee's Aracade that has been there for 73 years, since he was nine years old! Holy Mackerel!

He's been calling the water-pistol races longer than most of us have been on this earth!

Jersey Shore Prepares For Memorial Day Weekend And Summer Season
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Wildwood is friendly and accommodating

Well, we've always known this: Wildwood is a friendly place, for locals and visitors alike.

It's also a great place for business!

From city hall to the convention center, to everywhere in between, people are helpful and welcoming. Such a great thing!

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Wildwood has beach taxis!

I've taken the walk from the boardwalk to water's edge more than a few times. How did I miss the beach taxis?

They'll take you (and your stuff) from water's edge to the boardwalk or parking lots.

Again, how have I missed this?


The Ravioli House has the best food

If you want good food while in WIldwood, the Ravioli House can't be beat.

If the food there tastes like there's a lovable grandmother is the kitchen hand making your food the old-fashioned way, that's because there is! Really! Her name is Teresa , and she's known as TH. (Oh, and the desserts too!)


Wildwood, thanks for having us! We love you!

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