As the team heads into another NFL post-season (thank goodness), we asked you to name your favorite Philadelphia Eagles player of all-time.

We managed to come up with a Top 10, but you didn't make it easy, lol. It's a good problem to have.

No matter how frustrating it gets or how bleak the outlook seems, the Eagles are a sports team that fans remain 'ride or die' for. Not only are Birds fans LOYAL, but we also have a long memory and a special place in our hearts for the ones that made us laugh, cry, and never ever give up.


Does the name Nick Foles ring a bell?


The man who seemed to singlehandedly deliver Philadelphia its first and only Super Bowl win (so far) on a silver platter?

Super Bowl LII - Philadelphia Eagles v New England Patriots
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Some of you couldn't narrow down to just ONE favorite Philadelphia Eagle, like Kara.

Naming Favorite Philadelphia Eagles Players
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Others couldn't care less.

Bored Woman with Phone
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What's interesting is that you didn't give the Birds current QB, Jalen Hurts, ONE single mention. There was no love for Kicker Jake Elliot either, the guy with the golden foot! But the season's not over yet.

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And even though I would've put him on my list, don't expect to see T.O. on the list either.


Scroll on, green bleeders, and check out the Eagles players YOU'VE named your favorites ever.

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