It's the time of year for Christmas Movies and Music to get us in the holiday spirit.  Unless you are Ebenezer Scrooge, you grew up with all the festivities of the Holiday Season that get you in the mood for Christmas each year.  One of the highlights of December each year is seeing what Holiday lights and Christmas displays people have placed on their homes.  Typically these lights have many adjectives from "pretty" to "fun", but to me they all put a smile on your face for Christmas and the Holiday season.

Here's 17 of the Best Christmas Decorations in Cape May County, NJ

One of the highlights of the Holiday season is when you drive around with Christmas music playing and you see all the homes with creative displays of lights. As someone who has to drive over 50 miles each day to and from work, I get to see much of what South Jersey has to offer for the Holidays. So I wanted to share some of the best Christmas House Displays around Cape May County for the 2023 Holiday Season.

Gallery Credit: Josh Hennig/Townsquare Media

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