We have confirmed that it appears to be the desire of the Margate, New Jersey City Commission to terminate City Administrator Ken Mosca.

There is a resolution that has been prepared to call for the vote to fire Mosca at tonight’s regular meeting of the Margate City Commission.

Mosca was hired during the immediate past Margate City Commission, which was comprised of then Mayor Michael Becker and City Commissioners Maury Blumberg and John Amodeo.

No public word has leaked regarding why the current City Commission may want to fire Mosca.

I reached out to Mosca, who understandably did not want to discuss the matter in advance of tonight’s meeting.

Mosca offered, “no comment at this time.”

A well placed Margate City source did tell me that “Ken Mosca has great lawyers working for him.”

Mosca is a former successful City Administrator in both Linwood, New Jersey and Ocean Township.

Mosca also spent many years as an Atlantic City Electric public information manager … before leaving to accept his current position as Margate City Business Administrator.

It remains unknown at this hour if all 3 members of the Margate City Commission will support terminating Mosca.

Two (2) votes are required to pass the termination resolution.

As of 2023, the current Margate City Commission is comprised of Mayor Michael Collins, Maury Blumberg and Catherine Horn.

Mosca has been well thought of at each stop along the way … and, he’s a highly competent professional manager.

A resolution to terminate Mosca appears to me to be just plain wrong … especially with two of the City Commission members (Collins and Horn) possessing very limited experience whatsoever n local government.


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