Looking for the best spot for date night in New York City? This event called Fork n’ Film is 100% worth making the trip into the city to experience.

I’ve been seeing a lot of TikTooks of groups going to this spot called Fork n’ Film in New York City where you essentially get dinner and a show. Fork n’ Film has locations in Los Angeles, California, New York City, London, and New Orleans.

What Is Fork n' Film in New York City?

They essentially bring you an unmatched, screen-to-table experience that you can’t get anywhere else. You can go on their website and buy tickets to a showing where you will get a multiple-course meal throughout the entirety of the movie they’re showing.

The gist is, that whatever food you see being made, eaten, etc on the screen, will be placed in front of you to enjoy. For example, they’re currently selling tickets for their showing of the Disney movie, Ratatouille.

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When you see the restaurant serve the famous Ratatouille dish in the movie, you’ll be served thst at the very same time. This is one way to have guests not even think about sneaking snacks into the movies.


This is just a really interesting show to be able to experience and it’s going viral right now on TikTok, so make sure to hop on this trend sooner than later!

Currently they are selling tickets foor Ratatoullie, Princess and The Frog and Bridesmaids, which are both movies we can all agree can be watched over and over again. You can view showings on the Fork n’ Film website, here. 

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