New Jersey is home to some truly weird laws that will most definitely shock you. I've gone down wormholes before just learning about some of the whacky things that you can get into trouble for in the Garden State.

Some of these super whacky and bizarre laws vary from town to town and some of them are state-wide however, they are all equally as confusing. In New Jersey, we are so spoiled and have always been blessed with not having to pump our gas.


It's something that New Jerseyans take for granted sometimes I feel because we are now the only state in the entire United States that still does this.

New Jersey may switch over and join the rest of the 50 states by having drivers pump their gas but for now, we are still being spoiled with sitting in our warm cars while the wonderful gas station attendants do the work for us.

They do god's work. Although we know we're not supposed to get out of our cars and pump our gas, did you know it is illegal to?

Is It Illegal To Pump Your Own Gas in New Jersey?


The answer is surprisingly, yes. It is illegal to pump your own gas in New Jersey. Jerseys Best reports that it is, in fact, punishable by law to pump your own gas and the fines are pretty shocking.

If you get out at your local Exonn or Wawa and pump your own gas, you could score yourself a $50 to $250 fine. The next time you lose patience at the gas station and try to pump your own gas, think of what COULD happen if you do! It would be the most expensive gas fill-up of your life.

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