It's always a risk for a television station to do live news reports from a location.

It's impossible to control your surroundings and the people who may be in the background.

Live news reports also present a challenge for some people. That is, how can they get "in the shot."

TikTok @jbogdin/6 ABC
TikTok @jbogdin/6 ABC

A funny thing happened on the Ocean City Boardwalk

6 ABC was doing a live report from Ocean City when an enterprising young man found a way to prank the TV crew.

Yes, he was able to make it into the shot and the results were...kinda hilarious!

@jbogdin Who is this kid? Identify yourself! You’re a riot!#downtheshore #pranksters #6abcactionnews #bloopers #fyp @Dawson ♬ original sound - Jennifer Ogdin

Luckily, it was all good fun, no one was hurt or anything like that. It didn't appear that the reporter was aware of what was going on behind her.

TikTok @jbogdin/6 ABC
TikTok @jbogdin/6 ABC

Comments on TikTok are hysterical

One of the best things about posts like this on social media is the comments that follow. Here are some of the best:

*"I'm dying that he came back for more, and they cut the live feed."

 *"The look on the guy holding the pizza tho."

 *"He knew the assignment."

*"Me at Target."

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 We know who he is

It appears that the prankster is someone named Dawson. He posted another view of what happened - and, it appears he won a small bet with his hijinx.

@dawson_rhoads They got me #news #viral ♬ original sound - Dawson

Good move Dawson! We salute you on a job well done!

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