Jason Aldean hopes to pay homage to those who live in the ‘Fly Over States’ with his new single from the ‘My Kinda Party’ album, but he fears that the tune is an obvious choice for use in a political campaign, which if used would chip away at the integrity. The last thing the Georgia-born singer wants is to be tied to a candidate — especially one who doesn’t share his interests.

“Then I’ll be forever linked to that guy, whoever he is,” Aldean tells the Boot with a laugh. While he didn’t write the song, he said he knows what it’s like to be lumped into a stereotype, and by recording the already Top 20 hit he’s celebrating the middle of the country — the people who drive our nation.

“Those people have always related to what I was doing, and this song speaks directly to those people. The song is absolutely real, and when you tell a story like that and you deliver it in a way that it’s real and you’re not trying to sugarcoat it, people respond to that and relate to it. That’s what this song is, and why it’s become popular.”

So far none of the current presidential candidates have taken notice of the song. Aldean will be spending plenty of time in America’s heartland this year, however, as he has tour dates lined up in many of the ‘Fly Over States.’

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