You know me as a self proclaimed foodie.  I love a great meal.  My favorite hobby is trying new restaurants.  I love a five course gourmet meal just as much as the hole in the wall burger joint.  Food just makes me happy.


And hot dogs make me very happy.  My father taught me as a young girl that a good hot dog can change ones life.  It can be therapeutic.  Maybe that's a bit dramatic, but my dad and I really love hot dogs.  And we seek out local hot dog joints wherever we go.

And I've had a lot of good hot dogs in South Jersey, but who has the best?  I need to make it my mission this summer to try as many as I can and make an educated decision.

Comment below and tell me which hot dog I need to try!

I've heard really good things about Maui's Dog House in North Wildwood, but I've never been there.  Looks like I need to try a 'Dressed,' a 'Sloppy Shawn,' and some 'Salty Balls.'  Why haven't I been to Maui's yet??

I've also never had an Italian hot dog.  More of a Northern Jersey staple, an Italian hot dog is stuffed into 'Pizza Bread' and topped with onions, peppers and deep fried potatoes.  Hmmm, that sounds perfect for lots of ketchup, which is probably the whole reason I enjoy eating hot dogs some much.  Hot dogs are a great vehicle for ketchup, my #1 favorite condiment.

An Italian hot dog sounds interesting...  Seems like Joe-Joe's Italian Hot Dogs in Toms River is one to try.  I'll take a single Italian Hot Dog and some fries because, evidently, they are 'the cheesiest!' Fried potatoes on the hot dog and fried potatoes with cheese on the side.  My kind of meal!

For all of you out there that share my obsession with hot dogs, check out, she has eaten her way through our fine country and has a blog to prove it.  There's even a Jersey Hot Dog Page.

So, what hot dogs should I try?  Help me make a list so I can find the best hot dog in New Jersey!

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