Jason Aldean has to fight for the right to rock. The "We Back" singer is married to a woman who favors hip-hop music over traditional country and rock 'n' roll. Actually, Brittany Aldean openly disdains guitar and drum-driven rockers, even if they're coming from her husband!

It's a fight the 42-year-old is happy to engage in. Talking to Taste of Country Nights, Aldean says that while there are several songs on his new 9 album Brittany loves ("Got What I Got" is one example), there's more served up as red meat for his core audience and himself. "We Back" certainly falls in that group, as does "The Same Way."

"She hates Guns N' Roses and stuff like that," he shares of his wife. "She likes Boyz II Men and Brian McKnight ... our kind of meet in the middle is, like, '90s. Because I love '80s and '90s, I was a child of the '80s, she was a child of the '90s so we kind of meet in the middle."

During this wide-ranging interview, Aldean talks about his music and marriage to Brittany, as well as their two kids and how son Memphis has taken to throwing everything into the garbage with no regard to its value. The multi-time Entertainer of the Year also updates fans on his new house, which is being built currently and includes a swimming pool big enough to be called a small lake. In the meantime Aldean is renting from Kane Brown, and if you're curious, yes, he's met the baby. Stick around to the end to see him talk about what Brown and wife Katelyn Jae are like as parents.

The title of Aldean's album was inspired by his favorite number and longtime jersey number growing up in Georgia, but it also recalls something George Strait did early in his career that the savvy student of country music picked up on with respect and enthusiasm. Traditional country rooted some of Aldean's earliest music, and while he's become more influenced by out-of-genre artists and sounds, it's clear he hasn't forgotten where he came from.

These Are Jason Aldean's Top 10 Songs: 

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