I think Garth Brooks and I are becoming the best of friends!

Last week, Garth came on my show to talk about his upcoming Philadelphia concerts, the Atlantic City Beach, and more.

It wasn't the first time I've spoken with Garth. I've spoken to him on the phone before, and, yes, I've met him in person. (He smelled like Life cereal, in case you were wondering...)

Now, something incredible has happened: Garth Brooks is following me on Twitter! Woohoo!


Can you believe it? One of the most popular recording artists of all time cares what I think and what I have to say!


It's not that Garth Brooks. It's a fake one..... Rats.

But wait, the REAL Garth Brooks actually LIKED one of my tweets.... which was about him...

G Tweet 2

So, Garth maybe doesn't care what I think or what I have to say....but, he does care that I let people know he's doing concerts.


(By the way, you can follow me on Twitter @joekelly1073)


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