As a husband and a father and a country music star, Justin Moore always seems to have a lot on his plate. But then, you throw the coronavirus pandemic on that already-crowded plate, and it’s enough to bring even the strongest man down.

And it takes a strong man to even admit to something like that.

“Something is missing inside of me,” Moore tells Taste of Country during a recent interview. “I miss the road. My creativity outlet has been stripped from me just like so many other artists. It’s tough.”

Indeed, for a road warrior such as himself, the adjustment that comes when a tour schedule is wiped clean in a matter of days due to the spread of COVID-19 is enough to leave anyone feeling a tad uneasy. But when it comes to the financial stress of it all, Moore says he and his family are blessed in the fact that they don’t necessarily need to worry about things like that. But they are worried for all those who might not be as blessed with such circumstances.

“I came off the road on March 11, and ever since then I have been worried about so many people,” says Moore, whose wife Kate owns a couple of children’s boutiques. “There are a lot of people out there who are in much more difficult situations than me and my family. I feel very blessed to be able to do things like afford groceries when I can’t work. But I’m definitely sensitive to the ones that can’t.”

For now, Moore says he is trying his best to bask in the unexpected break alongside his wife and their four children. Rarely going out other than the occasional grocery run, Moore and his family have been laying low at their Arkansas home until recently, when they traveled to their beach home in Florida.

“We may still be looking out of the window, but at least it’s a different window for a little while,” explains Moore, who recently reached the Top 15 on the charts with his single “Why We Drink.” “It’s somewhat trying at times. With four kids 10 and under and with obviously three of them in school, it can be a tad stressful.”

Especially when it comes to his kids' math homework.

“They don’t do it like we used to,” Moore says with a laugh. “My 10-year-old will be like, ‘Dad, how do we do this?’ and I’m like, ‘I literally don’t know.’ I mean, I can give him the answer, but I have no idea the way I’m supposed to tell him how to do it.”

The singer has still been working during his time away from the road. He has put together a new podcast that shares insights into his life both at home and on the road. The Justin Moore Podcast is a 15-episode weekly series that launches on Tuesday (May 19). Moore is co-hosting the show with his tour manager J.R., aka “The Handler.” New episodes will debut every Tuesday.

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