His new album title may project apathy, but when it comes to people turning up at his home without permission, Justin Moore kinda does care. The singer recalled a frightening incident recently, and the girl was lucky she didn't get shot.

"My wife and I both have carry permits and both carry pistols with us all the time," Moore tells Hartford, Conn., radio station Country 92.5. "It's a wonder we didn't shoot her."

As Moore and his wife were pulling into the garage at their home, they closed the door and stepped out of the car to find a teenage girl standing there. The incident was not a recent one, and it didn't happen at the "forever home" Moore tells Taste of Country he's building on family property. That house isn't finished yet.

"She was obviously a fan," Moore tells radio deejay Broadway, "and I said, 'Sweetheart you have to know that you can't do this ... you've gotta be a little more calculated with your moves here.'"

This new house is near his parents' home, and Moore admits he'll be working on it forever, but hopes to live there forever, as well. He and wife Kate have three kids, but they haven't ruled out trying for a boy. She really wants one, while Moore is fine being a father to three girls.

Kinda Don't Care is the "You Look Like I Need a Drink" singer's fourth studio album, his first in three years.

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