You wouldn’t be able to tell from watching his rocking stage performances, but as it turns out, having a wife and two daughters has made Keith Urban a bit of a softie. In a recent interview with the Belfast Telegraph, the ‘For You’ singer admitted that sometimes even the most random things make him cry.

Urban and his wife, gorgeous, Oscar-winning actress Nicole Kidman, have two daughters, Sunday, 3, and Faith, 1. The country star admits that his entire family can be pretty emotional. But apparently that doesn’t apply to angry feelings–only sappy ones. Even when Urban encounters temper tantrums from one of his kids, he tries to control his frustration.

“I don’t swear much, I’ve taken those words out of my vocabulary and having kids you have to have two sets of language!” he said an in an interview with Australian radio show Kyle and Jackie O. “I’d like to say they’re all very passionate, as am I. Sometimes I just cry at random stuff!”

Perhaps Urban is feeling emotional because his busy schedule keeps him spread thin. The award-winning country star has put plenty of hours into filming the Aussie version of ‘The Voice,’ and in a few months he’ll kick off his world tour Down Under. But a busy schedule won’t keep Urban away from the next season of ‘The Voice,’ if he has the chance, that is.

“I’d love to do it. My thing is making sure I have an album done which is really what I’m doing next week,” he says. “I’m going to be in the studio for the next few months and if the record comes together like I hope it does then I’ll definitely be back on.”

Sounds like country music fans will be seeing a lot of Keith Urban in the next few months. Hopefully his eyes will be dry!

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