Power was restored at our house yesterday afternoon! Yippee! As of this writing, there are still 40,000 South Jersians without power. Ugg. I feel for you.

*One of the first things we did was laundry, that has been piling up and piling up. (OK, my wife did the laundry....I supervised.) It's nice to wear clean underwear:)

*I seem to live my life as "Even Steven." When there is a high, a low is not far behind. Literally minutes after I got home to see electricity in action, my cell phone - on its very last leg, completely died. As luck would have it, the replacement insurance phone arrived on my doorstep moments later. Since I am Even Steven, wouldn't you know, it took me some 4 hours to set up my phone correctly - thanks to Ron from Verizon Tech Support. I think being without my cell for 4 hours was actually worse than being without electricity for four days.

*Sad to hear about the passing of Andy Griffith. I watched so many episodes of the "Andy Griffith Show"growing up....  My generation has Andy Griffith.... today's generation has nothing comparable. While the show was entertaining, I truly believe that for kids like me, there was also some learning of some sort going on.....

*Here's a link to some of the Fireworks celebrations.

*Whatever you have planned today, enjoy and be safe. Happy Birthday, America!

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