Kenny Chesney and Tim McGraw have been seeing a good bit of each other lately, as the two polish their boots in preparation for their upcoming Brothers of the Sun Tour, which kicks off June 2 in Tampa, Fla. Plus, the pair of country studs hit the ACM stage this past weekend (Sunday, April 1) to perform their new joint single ‘Feel Like a Rock Star.’ And then today (April 4), the two took their rocking single to the stage of ‘The Ellen DeGeneres Show.’

Introducing the dynamic duo, Ellen pointed out that between the two of them, Chesney and McGraw have sold more than 70 million albums and can boast more than 50 No.1 hits. That’s pretty impressive. Chesney started the song onstage alone — well, with the whole band backing him. In his straw cowboy hat that was (as usual) slightly obscuring the top half of his face, Chesney took the lead vocals for the first part of the song until McGraw made his grand entrance.

In his own signature black cowboy hat, McGraw entered the studio from behind the audience, walking down the stairs while singing his part and getting the primarily female audience clapping and dancing. They seemed more than happy to have the country crooner among them during his lead part. The up-tempo song that culminates in the line “Whatever makes you feel like a rock star” preaches the gospel of doing whatever the heck you want that makes you feel good.

“Do you smoke, do you drink / Do you yell out, ‘Hank’ / Do you fold it in your pocket / Do you lock it in the bank / Jack it up, drop it down to the ground / Put the juice in the goose / Or the Coke in the Crown?” Regardless how you answer any of these questions, Chesney and McGraw will likely tell you it’s all good, as long as you’re doing “whatever makes you feel like a rock star.”

Watch Kenny Chesney and Tim McGraw Perform ‘Feel Like a Rock Star’ on ‘Ellen’

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