LeAnn Rimes is sporting some fresh ink after a visit to the tattoo parlor over the weekend. Rimes had the words “the only one that matters” scrolled across the top of her right foot.

The excited singer, wife and ‘bonus mom’ took to her Twitter page on Sunday, Jan. 15 to share her activities from the day before with her loving and adoring fans.

“Ink…. So happy!” Rimes wrote.

After her fans asked many questions about her new ink, Rimes finally unveiled her latest tattoo. “Ok….here it is!” she wrote, attaching a picture of her foot. “It’s dainty. All of my tattoos are very feminine.”

So what’s the meaning behind the words? “It’s just a little something [my husband] said on our vacation,” Rimes explained. “It was sweet.”

OK … so what about the pain? It’s been said that tattoos on the wrist or the top of the foot are some of the most painful. “Nope!” Rimes tweeted to a fan asking if it hurt. “Maybe when you really want something it doesn’t hurt as bad … I was surprised that it was not painful at all.”

One of Rimes’ other tattoos inspired by her husband, actor Eddie Cibrian, is the “E” she has on her ring finger, that of course matches the “L” he has on his ring finger.

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