🔺 Hoboken park sees spike in homeless residents, city officials say

⛔ A man was accused of exposing himself in the NJ park

🔺 Police step up patrols, while social workers are involved

HOBOKEN — The Mile Square City, the once gritty birthplace of Frank Sinatra that became one of the most expensive places to live in New Jersey, is struggling with a rise in homelessness.

A 32-year-old city man has been busted for exposing himself in a popular park, which officials said appears to be dealing with an increase in activity among homeless residents.

Wander Torres, who has no permanent address, was charged with lewdness and terroristic threats after he exposed himself at Church Square Park, according to a city spokesperson.

Wander Torres (Hoboken Police)
Wander Torres (Hoboken Police)

Hoboken police had responded to a call of Torres, indecently sitting on a park bench on Friday, Aug. 25 before 11 a.m.

When the person who reported the incident pointed him out, Torres then verbally threatened them, officers said.

Torres was taken to Hudson County jail and was found to have an active warrant from Union City for disorderly conduct.

Hoboken Church Square Park (Google Maps) (2)
Hoboken Church Square Park (Google Maps)

Police have received recent complaints about “quality of life” issues in the park, which features a playground and pavilion and is blocks from the campus of Stevens Institute of Technology.

In response, an increase in routine police patrols has been planned in and around Church Square Park.

(Google Maps, U.S. Census) Hoboken
(Google Maps, U.S. Census)

Hoboken’s social workers have also been meeting with those experiencing homelessness — in the park and several other locations — to connect them with the services they need.

The median rent in Hoboken is over $4,000 while the average home value is over $700,000.

Any criminal, disorderly or suspicious activity can always be reported to Hoboken police at 201-420-2100.

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