Grab some tissues.

The most embarrassing moment of a wedding reception for the bride and groom are obviously the wedding speeches. Your Best Man and Maid Of Honor get up in front of every single person you know and roast you so hard that afterwards, burnt popcorn probably has a better ego than you. It's all in good fun, though.

No speech in the history of Best Man speeches even comes close to the level of awesome that this best man speech reached. A little boy named Vincent Del Bono was asked to be his father's Best Man in his wedding at an Atlantic City venue. At first, Vincent had no idea what being a "Best Man" even meant, but after figuring it out he got really excited.

He read the most epic Best Man speech ever and the video went viral on social media. He perfectly praised and roasted his dad along with his new stepmom whom he obviously adores. The video was shared to NTD Television's Facebook page.

Check it out:

Seriously, how are any of us expected to top this once we're asked to be a Maid Of Honor or Best Man? Well, we can't. Vincent WON the game, folks. How freaking ADORABLE!

Source: Facebook

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