Luke Bryan and wife Caroline have three boys under the age of 18 living in the house right now, so their hands are full. However, things are starting to look, well, extra full. Their 17-year-old nephew, Til, has started dating.

"There was one time I didn’t handle it well," Caroline admits in a revealing new podcast interview, talking about the attention the girls are giving Til as of late. "Some girls showed up at the door at like 9:45PM at night and I was, like, in my robe and I was like, 'No thank you, not going to happen, thanks! Bye.'"

Actually, she had Til — whom they adopted in 2014 — come down and let them know he wasn't going to be able to hang out. "I had Til and his buddy come downstairs and tell them," Caroline recalls.

And while that particular instance happened when Til was just 15, she understands why the girls might be calling these days.

"[He] is so cute," she says. "My God, he’s 17 and 6 foot 4, he's so cute. It's good, but he's never juggled a bunch of girls at once. He doesn't do that. He's sweet.”

Caroline says she never minds having a full house, when it comes to boys. “[The house] is usually more filled with boys than girls — thank God," she admits, laughing. "I'm not sure how I would handle it the other way around."

Come summer, there will be one less boy in the house as Daddy Luke heads out on his Sunset Repeat Tour, which is set to kick off on May 31. Joining Bryan on tour will be special guests Cole Swindell and Jon Langston.

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