Well, the day's finally here! Today's the day we get to rip off the chin diapers we've been wearing for over a year and finally regain a sense of normalcy that, truth be told, might feel foreign to us at this point.

The masks are finally off, people!

Whether your vaccinated or not, chances are you're pretty excited about this actually coming to fruition. Honestly though, that's probably where your common ground ceases based on whatever side of the fence you sit on. Allow me to elaborate...

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People have very strong feelings and opinions about the vaccination regardless of whether they're for or against it. At this point, people have done their own research and their minds are made up. Personally, I understand both sides of the argument. I've made up my mind to do what I feel is best for my personal situation and those that I surround myself with on a daily basis. That's all anyone can ask of you, really. That's not to say, though, that people won't have an opinion about it. People can never seem to only mind their own business, so naturally, yes, whatever you decide, someone will have something to say about it.

That brings me to my point. The mask mandate has been lifted today. This means that there will be more of a blend of masked and unmasked people everywhere you go than any other time during the pandemic. Here's what I'm asking: we all want to enjoy our Memorial Day weekend as we see fit. There's no point in picking a fight with someone based on whether or not they're still choosing to wear a mask.

I'll be honest. I will ABSOLUTELY still be wearing a mask in certain scenarios. For one, I can't tell you how nice it's been not to get entangled in any grocery store conversations over the last year. I've been in and out faster than I ever have in my life. So, truth be told, you'll probably catch me masked up in stores even though it's not required anymore.

At this point, everyone is going to do whatever they feel is right for them. Please, don't make a big deal about it if what's right for one person isn't what you feel is right for you. Just stay in your lane and let's all try and enjoy our weekend, shall we? No mask fights.

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