I was reading an article today about how Wawa is going to aggressively expand into North Jersey. The story talked about the first new Wawa that's opening and how great their coffee is and how great their hoagies are and how Wally Goose will be at the grand opening.

Wally Goose?

I have lived in South Jersey my entire life. And even when I briefly lived in Virginia for eight months (I still had Jersey plates, so technically I never left) I still went to Wawa. The closest Wawa to where I lived in Virginia was a 40 minute drive -- and I made that drive a lot (imagine not having 17 Wawa's within a 10 minute drive of your house and going to and from one Wawa was a 90 minute excursion). So, as a life-long resident of South Jersey, I know Wawa. I think you know I know Wawas. But, until this article, not only did I not know Wawa had a mascot (besides the goose logo on their sign), but it has a name -- Wally Goose.

I asked a handful of my co-workers here at Cat Country and none of them had ever heard of Wally Goose, either. Feel free to stump your friends and relatives by asking them who (or what) Wally Goose is.

Oh, and while researching Wally Goose, I also found Wawa's walking Shorti hoagie...