With the school year coming to a close, our dedicated "molders-of-the-mind" aren't stopping just yet. This Daily Dose of Good goes out to Our Lady of Good Counsel School, who is doing some good of their own by hosting a fundraiser to give their students the best education possible!

Credit: Joanne Dickson via facebook.com
Credit: Joanne Dickson via facebook.com

They're calling it, "The Runway of Roses" and I'm actually attending the event with my Mom tonight! It's from 5:30-10pm tonight, May 4th, at The Merion Catering in Cinnaminson where the school will be putting on the OGLC 59th Annual Fashion Show, and I'm so excited!

The kids are just as excited about the event as the adults are, considering the 8th graders are the ones who get to strut their stuff on the runway! In which case, some of the runway-walkers tonight have waited 8 years to be a part of this experience!

According to one of the coordinators of the event, Joanne Dickson, she says, "We have almost 500 people coming tonight!"

The money raised through ticket sales and donations for Our Lady of Good Counsel, through the Fashion Show Fundraiser, will be used to offset the tuition and education costs for all of the students who may need financial support in attending the school.  In recent years,  the money raised has also been used to buy Chromebooks, Smartboards for the classrooms, and iPads as well as some new flat screen TV’s! So, in addition to these scholarships and modernizing the school, these technologies will help provide a strong learning environment to accommodate the students and their developmental abilities!

For information on how you can be a part of this fashion show, and support the students of NJ, the PTA has a link on the school website to the Fashion Show and their Facebook page too!

If you know someone out there who is in need or is doing a little extra dose of good, send us a message to our Facebook Page and tell us the story!

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