If you're lucky enough to still be employed, you've most likely been working from home for over two months now.

The majority of our time spent in quarantine has revolved around either work or homeschooling the kids. Apparently, people are also taking advantage of the extra time spent at home by catching up on some sleep, which is most likely long-overdue.

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A survey conducted by Zippia.com reveals however, that most people are napping while they're still on the clock. In fact, that statistics show that as many as 1 in 3 employees are napping while at work. New Jersey falls into the top 15 states in which people are most likely to nap on the job. The study shows that 41% of people are napping during business hours.

c/o Zippia Napping At Work Study

To be fair though, napping on your lunch break could technically fall under "business hours", however, that wouldn't affect your productivity since it's your personal time to do whatever you want anyway.

It's not like napping in the middle of the day is a bad thing. A short nap could actually result in increased productivity levels since you're able to tackle the second half of the day with some more energy. Yay for power naps!

Source: Zippia.com


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