The last weekend of April, the 2019 NFL Draft took over downtown Nashville, turning the party destination of Lower Broadway into a sea of football fans waiting to find out which hot prospects would be joining their favorite team. The three-day event hosted more than 600,000 fans in Music City — the most people to ever attend the NFL Draft — and was the most-watched and highest-rated draft in history, according to the NFL.

During those three days, however, one particular news story circulated among Nashville residents on social media, prompting a flurry of "LOL"s, laughing emojis and snarky comments: The NFL Draft was ruining the party-hardy plans of brides-to-be and their friends who had flocked to Music City for bachelorette parties. Nashvillians certainly want to see visitors enjoying the city — but the snafu felt like karma striking back.

So, Which Lower Broadway Celebrity Bar Should You Hit?

Bachelor and bachelorette parties are seemingly everywhere in Nashville these days, overrunning downtown's hottest destinations as they celebrate impending nuptials. In fact, according to a new CNN Travel feature — published just days after the NFL Draft — Nashville now hosts more bachelor and bachelorette parties than Las Vegas.

"Statistically, we now host a greater volume of bachelorette parties than Las Vegas does," says Ryan Budden, founder of Bachelor Party Nashville, a concierge service for bachelor and bachelorette parties. "Las Vegas does more money each year in bachelor and bachelorette parties" because it's a more expensive city, but in terms of the number of parties coming to town, Nashville leads.

Budden's Bachelor Party Nashville is just one of a number of companies catering to this influx of partiers. Leslie Embry, owner of the Blowout Co., a salon, says she's seen groups come in for manicures, makeup, hair and more, in addition to her regular, Nashville-resident customers.

"We get a lot of people from Michigan and Ohio, New York. We obviously get a lot from out in L.A., Texas. We have a lot of Canadians, also, that come here. There was just a group in here from Connecticut," she tells CNN. "Really all over."

Budden, Embry and others cite Nashville's welcoming residents (even if they sometimes get frustrated with their one-weekend-only visitors) as a reason for the uptick in bachelor and bachelorette parties. "It feels really local," Embry says, "and you can walk around, and feel safe down on Broadway."

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