Just in time for the Labor Day holiday weekend, New Jersey gas prices may hit their peak.  However, $50 in gas will get you further than it has in the past five years.

New Jersey drivers have experienced the lowest seasonal gas prices in 12 years here over the last few months.  That's a departure from the trend, usually NJ gas prices go up for summertime travel.

Though NJ.com says that $50 bucks will get you further,

That doesn't mean Labor Day road trippers will have to eat peanut butter sandwiches to afford this year's getaway. The website HowMuch.com estimates that $50 worth of gas will get drivers farther in 2016 than in the past five years. The $50 will take a driver from New York to Columbus, Ohio and from the metro area to Durham, North Carolina.

Gas prices are predicted to peak over the Labor Day weekend, however, they will settle back down as the Fall comes rolling in.

Source: NJ.com

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