Well, you've been in quarantine now for... oh... almost two months now, maybe? Give or take a week or two?

Chances are, your own spouse and kids have driven you up a wall more than a few times now. The first few weeks being at home were great, but now everyone's itching for things to get back to normal. We'll achieve a new state of normalcy in due time, but for now, especially in NJ, it's the safest call to keep everybody home for at least the next month.

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With that being said, do you remember your work spouse? Ladies, I'm sure by now you'd rather put up with your work husband's shenanigans in the office rather than your own husband's at home. Same for you, guys. You'd rather hear your work wife ask you to grab something off the printer for her than hear your wife ask you to fold one more piece of laundry.

Don't lie, you know we speak the truth!

A new survey published by PR Pioneer reveals that New Jersey ranks at the highest in the entire country for people missing their work husbands and wives. Yep, work spouses are a thing, and whopping 41% of New Jerseyians yearn for that person's company more than their own spouses. Seriously - 41%?! That's a large percentage; almost half of the state would rather be with their work friends than their immediate families right now.

The survey also showed that 63% of people total that were surveyed feel like they'd get more done with their work spouse around compared to how much they get done with their own husband or wife's constant presence. And, let's face it, you've probably referred to your real husband or wife by your work spouse's name at least once. 10% of people have.

Honestly though, can you be blamed for that? Not really. It's hard being stuck in the house with the same person without any other kinds of interactions with others. Quarantining is hard!

To our beloved work spouses - know we love and miss you!

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