I couldn't imagine being a parent with small children during this time in quarantine.

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Having to balance your job while attending to your child's needs as well as now serving in you new role as homeschool teacher; it just sounds beyond chaotic. According to a new survey conducted by Plenty (yes, the paper towels), I'm not even close to being wrong.

The results showcase a tightrope on which parents are currently walking in an effort to preserve their own means of making money with the quarantine and parenthood during the shut-in. 86% of parents feel like they're constantly trying to keep everything in balance. The results of the survey shows that most parents hit their stress peak just five minutes before noon.

Imagine reaching your peek that early on in the day only to have to press on with work, homework, keeping the house clean, meals, etc. It's exhausting! In fact, almost half of all parents stress about how they're supposed to keep their house clean when the kids are home literally all day long.

Moral of this survey, parents: give yourselves a break. You don't have to have it together every minute of every day. Those of us out here without kids are struggling, so it's almost impossible to comprehend what you're going through.  Remember to ease up on yourself. You have to. If not, you could stand to suffer from sever burnout by the time all this is said and done.

Hang in there.


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