The question needs to be asked: can you ever have too many Wawas?

If you're a born and bred resident of either New Jersey, Philadelphia, or the Philly suburbs, then you frequent your local Wawa at least once or twice a week. Wawa's a staple in the Delaware Valley.

Well, if you're a fellow Wawa-lover, you won't have to worry about it disappearing anytime soon. In fact, Wawa plans on expanding even more. Wawa just opened another Vineland location on Landis Avenue Friday, June 24th. This location is right at the intersection of Landis and Mill Road in the Vineland section of Cumberland County.

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Sources report that the first one hundred customers to attend the grand opening received a free t-shirt. It was a whole party out there in Vineland today with confetti, coffee, and Wally Goose! In case you weren't aware, Wally Goose is the Wawa mascot.

Apparently, Wawa's expansion plans don't stop with the new Vineland location. Reportedly, this particular Wawa is the 13th store to open in the Garden State this year alone. Wawa plans on opening the doors to 54 more locations before the year is out.

If the new location on Landis Avenue and Mill Road provides over fifty jobs, both full and part-time, then imagine how many jobs will be available as a result of the 54 left to open.

You can check out Wawa's expansion plans as well as what all went down at the new Vineland Wawa's grand opening ceremony HERE.


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