A story's recently popped up on Facebook from Whiskey Riff regarding a brand new hotel concept.

A new hotel's just opened up right outside of Columbus, Ohio that's - get this - a brewery too! Brewhouse's Doghouse is "the world's first crowdfunded craft beer hotel." According to the website, Doghouse brewery hotel has beer taps in the rooms. In addition to the taps, there are hot tubs filled with India Pale Ale. How is this real life? Apparently, you even have a bird's eye view of the brewers hard at work right from your room.

Head to the website to take a virtual tour of the brewery and the rooms. This place is a hipster's dream! You've heard the saying "a shower beer solves everything"? Well, this place has a shower beer fridge, so you're good to go. How epic is that?

Now, Columbus, Ohio may not be the first place on everyone's travel bucket list, but if you're ever headed out that way, make sure to hit up the Doghouse for the photo ops alone.

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