For the love of God, please stop sharing Facebook posts that waste your friends time!

Your friends are thumbing through their news feeds - but, you have to clog them up with your sharing of fake posts.

Look! Ellen Degeneres is NOT GOING TO SEND YOU ANY MONEY!

Why do you think it's true? Are you that gullible?

Check out this Facebook post, where "Ellen" promises to share her wealth with "100 Lucky People":

The post claims Ellen is going to share gift cards, cash, cars, and homes.  Do you really believe that?

The post also claims 100 people will each receive $30 Million! Hey, kids... that's THREE TRILLION DOLLARS! Here's a secret for you: Ellen Degeneres doesn't have THREE TRILLION DOLLARS!

Why are you so gullible????

If you're unsure if something is true or not, you can always check sites like  Here's what the fact-finding site says about Ellen Facebook Giveaways:

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