Claire Crosby has become famous via her viral videos that her dad records and produces.

What launched her into internet stardom? Her precious angelic voice. Her dad, Dave, serves as both her accompanist and producer, recording her singing some of the most iconic songs sounding like a little cherub descended straight from heaven. Seriously, she's just SO cute!

Claire went global when Ellen Degeneres first had her on the show last year. Since then, Claire's social media status has blown up, turning her into almost a household name basically overnight.

This time, Claire's dad teamed up with Walt Disney World to produce this epic Disney medley featuring Claire personifying every single Disney princess. Take a look...

Did that not completely melt your heart? Every single video of hers is adorable, but this one introduces a whole new production level. To be real though, all this did was make us want to book the next flight to Disney.

For more videos of the adorable little Claire Ryann Crosby, click HERE!

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