A former New Jersey man won dubious fame but lost his job after posting videos of himself passing gas at work.

The man known by YouTube and Instagram followers as "Paul Flart" is actually a 31-year-old from Cumberland County.

The man has shared dozens of clips of his farting. In each one, he looks straight at the camera while the hospital lobby's good acoustics and his gassy bowels do the rest.

His last installment was a live video of his termination — a video that Vice described as a scene that could have been "ripped straight from 'Office Space.'"

"There's a bunch of pissed off people here," the supervisor tells him in the video. The scene ends with the supervisor angrily asking the terminated guard to stop recording and leave the private property.

The man — whose real name he'll only say is Doug — recently moved to Florida to help his mother after his father died. He got a job as a security guard at a hospital.

He told the New York Post that the project began with him sending a video to friends. But they thought the videos deserved a wider audience.

He has more than 63,000 followers just on Instagram, where each of his clips can rack up 100,000 views.

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