The COVID-19 pandemic is responsible for more than just health scares, particularly in this state. With the statewide shutdown lasting as long as it has, coming down with the virus is not the only issue NJ residents have been dealing with.

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The pandemic has brought on significant financial hardship for so many New Jersey residents, with some still being out of work and therefore unable to provide for their families. Many employers have done a great job looking out for their employees, providing them assistance with food like the Atlantic City casino industry has, however that doesn't solve all the problems that accompany the employees' current financial instability. People are still unable to make ends meet for even their most basic needs like heating/cooling their homes and keeping the lights on.

In the early months of the shutdown, Governor Murphy put in place measures that prevent utility companies from cutting off services to New Jersey residents unable to make payments as a result of losing their jobs due to the pandemic. That order was set to expire, however as of Thursday (October 15), residents can breathe a sigh of relief as Murphy has extended the order through March of 2021.

With the extension means peace of mind for those currently unable to cover their utility costs. Winter is on its way, but residents need not fear since the order prevents utility companies from disconnecting whatever service they provide as a result of one's inability to pay due to the present circumstances.

In a statement posted to NJ's official government website, Murphy expressed his sentiments regarding residents needing this break.

“New Jerseyans are hurting and many of our fellow state residents, who have lost their jobs due to the COVID-19 pandemic need help. Extending the utility moratorium is the right thing to do as so many in our state struggle to pay their bills during one of the most devastating economic crises in the history of our country. As we enter the winter months it becomes even more imperative that we work with our state’s utilities keep the lights on and families warm.”

- Governor Phil Murphy

At least for the time-being, residents have one less thing on their plates to worry about as they struggle to make ends meet to provide for their families. You can read the entire executive order HERE on the state's website.





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