While it's true that we've all gained a little more physical cushion while remaining sedentary due to the stay-at-home order placed upon us thanks to the coronavirus, the totals are starting to roll in that show how much weight we've all actually gained, on average.

As it turns out, the adults aren't the only ones who've packed on some extra quarantine pounds. Due to sports and extracurricular activities being cancelled for the 2020 school year, kids have reportedly been gaining some extra lbs, too.

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A survey by Total Shape reveals that children, on average, have gained around seven pounds since the start of the quarantine. New Jersey's children, though, have gained the most weight compared to those from the other states on the east coast. Children in New Jersey have put on about 10 pounds or more due to a lack of activity with the extended quarantine compared to the children from neighboring states. Children from NJ's southern most-direct neighbor, Delaware, only put on an average of 7.9 lbs.

Total Shape's personal trainers gave some tips to help get children back to their pre-quarantine state of health so they're ready to go for the new school year, but basically said it's all about accountability and an increase in physical activity.

Kids don't need to be on any crazy diets. It's up to parents to monitor what they're eating to ensure they're only indulging in healthy snacks. The summer season should help assist with quarantine weight loss since children are done with homeschooling and can spend a lot more time outdoors.

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