You may think that's a strange question to ask, but I promise it's legitimate.

Why even ask that personal of a question, anyway? Well, because some people's answers might surprise you. A new survey conducted by the underwear company Tommy John suggests that almost half of the population has forgotten to make the underwear switch at least once, if not twice.

Can't make this stuff up. That's not too wild considering a lot of us are technically still in quarantine, right?

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Honestly, if you think about it, before you get grossed out, answer this question. How much of normal life has fallen by the wayside due to COVID-19? The answer is the same for everyone and that is basically ALL OF IT. Everything we do is now modified in one way or another. So, is it really that big of a deal if you skip a panty or boxer changed once or twice? Not really.

It starts to get disgusting, however, when one day turns into one week - YUCK! Luckily, according to the survey, only 13% of those who participated admitted to wearing the same underwear for a week plus. It's a shame it's even that many.....

There's room for some laundry leeway to be blamed on the crisis of the pandemic, however to go a week without fresh undies? That's a bit much.

Here's a reminder I don't think anybody would ever dream of having to say: Don't forget to change your undergarments today, ya'll.





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