Have you been to the grocery store lately? More and more items are now marked, "Gluten Free."

Honestly, I have no idea what gluten is and why all of a sudden it's terribly bad for you.

My grand-parents were first generation Americans. My grandfather worked in coal mines early in life and developed black-lung disease. Despite various health struggles, they both lived long happy lives. I don't ever recall them whining about how they needed Gluten Free food.

Seriously, why does my food all of a sudden need to be gluten free? We put a man on the moon, and he drank Tang. Was that gluten free? As a kid, I drank water straight from the garden hose. Was that gluten free?

Give me gluten, or give me death.

The jury in my head is still out. In the meantime, mark me Pro-Gluten.....


UPDATE: I never pretended to be well informed on this matter. Please don't mistake my blurb for the Wall Street Journal. It's simply my opinion. When I walk in the grocery store, I have noticed many, many products with big words saying, "GLUTEN FREE." A few years ago this was not the case - I never heard the words GLUTEN FREE. I am perplexed where this all came from. (Yes, maybe I didn't do research - but, I was just expressing my point of view about something that was happening.) Again, I get it that there are a lot of people who are on gluten free diets and are suffering from celiacs and other problems. It just seems like it all came out of nowhere, that's all. I'm not an unfeeling and uncaring person. I'm just surprised that all of this really came out of nowhere - at least in my world. I readily admit that I should not have written some lines that I have since edited out of this blog. Some of the comments were absolutely WRONG ON MY PART.. It was insensitive to people truly effected, and I sincerely apologize for being insensitive.

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