UPDATE: Fundraiser TONIGHT for Lukas!

Lukas' beloved little league baseball team wanted to make sure that this process is as comfortable and as joyful for Lukas as he is!

Credit: facebook.com
Credit: facebook.com

In which case, the Northfield Little League is hosting a fundraiser TONIGHT from 7:00 until 10:00pm at the Wonder Bar in Atlantic City to give back to Lukas for his great team work and positive spirit.

The hope is that this fundraiser will alleviate some medical costs for the family, and will continue to lift Lukas’ spirit by surrounding him with the people he loves. So drop your dinner plans and take it to the Wonder Bar tonight to celebrate such a wonderful boy.

Get your tickets for the event here!

Check out Lukas' full story below:



FULL STORY: Along with the joys in life are the trials and tribulations that help us grow stronger, together, each and every day. But this young man is taking his illness and using it to bring joy to not just himself, but others as well.

This Daily Dose of Good was sent to us from Randi Wall, in regards to a loving boy named Lukas.

Credit: Kathy Mazurek-Englert via gofundme.com
Credit: Kathy Mazurek-Englert via gofundme.com

Lukas is from Northfield, who was diagnosed with a brain tumor shortly after his first birthday. For most of his life since then, Lukas' condition was listed as stable.  Despite his seizures, he has been a wonderful kid and friend to many. Sadly, his family recently discovered that his tumor has rapidly grown back resulting in immediate surgery. Since then, he's had the regrowth of two new brain tumors and will soon be undergoing surgery and appropriate treatment.

While dealing with all of this, Lukas is still spending his time as best and as much like a kid as he can. He loves legos more than anything in the world and recently, he's been playing as a guest teammate on some of our local little league teams during their games. He loves being able to spend time with his friends and the baseball field is where he thrives.

Lukas is an amazing kid with such spirit for all that he has been through in his short life, he just wants to make people laugh and smile!

So, here's to hoping that we can help him knock these tumors out of the park and can enjoy a walk-off win at life following his recovery! --see what we did there ;)

If you are able to donate in support of alleviating some Lukas' medical funds and allowing him to continue doing the things he loves to spread the joy, you can head on over to the Go-Fund-Me page! If you're unable to donate, that's ok! Simply comment, like, and share this story to help spread the word and shine some light onto Lukas and his family during a dark time.

If you know someone out there who is in need of a little extra good or is doing some good for the community, send us a message to our Facebook page and tell us your story!

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